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The Art of Friendship. Pursuing social/racial/economic justice through the art of friendship. A thought-provoking conversation series, changing the world with the friends we show up for, seeking wisdom -about our society, culture, history, and life experiences, transforming the way we heal and build our worlds, from families to corporations and neighborhoods around the world. Words create coherent energy of compassion, appreciation, love, and respect for all life, ourselves, humanity, and our natural world. Friendship is the key to social / economic justice, health, joy, and peace for ourselves and our global family.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Dissatisfaction

    A rant on dissatisfaction and the desire to really live life! Fawn needs your support on this one.   Transcript [00:00:00] Fawn: [00:00:00] We weren't supposed to record today. We weren't. No, because,  not because of the show, but I've been experiencing burnout, major burnout, not because of the show. This show gives me ...


  2. CONNECTED Roundtable #9 PHYLOTIMO, Love, Friendship, Honor, and Giving to Each Other

    This is an episode dedicated to our favorite word: PHYLOTIMO. Philotimo is an all encompassing concept that gives meaning to life that stretches well beyond ourselves, as that deep seated awareness in the heart that motivates the good that a person does. Philotimo  is a sense of duty to your ...


  3. Acceptance of Where You Are; Compassion, Community, Consciousness, Yoga Pants, and Being Popeye with Maya Breuer

    "There is geometry in the humming of the strings. There is music in the spacing of the spheres." - Pythagoras We are graced by the lovely Maya Breuer,  host of The Unity in Yoga podcast. She is, also the co-founder of the black yoga teachers Alliance, an Emeritus trustee of Kripalu ...


  4. CONNECTED - Roundtable #8 BREATH

    Do you think it's a bad thing to be so interconnected? We are living in a time where we see, hear, and feel everything we are all (as a collective and individually) feeling and experiencing all at the same time. This experience of “oneness” can be devastating and hard to ...


  5. Blockchain and the Kingdom of Bling - Dirty Big Secrets Talk with Lisa Calkins

    Lisa Calkins of Halfblast Studios joins our blockchain talk, but we get very human with it and talk about such things as fraud and the fact that it doesn't always just happen the way that you think it happens . Lisa explains credit card fraud and fraud in general. Also, why you ...