The Inside Job with guest Sharon Caren

March 07, 2022 00:58:31
The Inside Job with guest Sharon Caren
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The Inside Job with guest Sharon Caren

Mar 07 2022 | 00:58:31


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What would you love in life? What would you love? Isn't that a beautiful question to ask yourself, to ask your friends to ask people out there, what would you love?

how do we raise our sense of wellbeing? How can we go from a fearful thought to, a blissful thought?

When there's some crap in front of you, how can you switch that situation around? How can we do that? How can we go from fear-based to total bliss? How do you do that?

Today we're going to get into how to have clarity and power in life, by first asking the question: "What would you love?"

things that you can't see, just because you can't see them doesn't mean they don't exist.

In this episode with spiritual coach, Sharen Caren, we discuss the importance of the inside job and the unseen force we focus on today is the Akashic records. We're going to talk about Meridian systems within our bodies that are not just within our bodies.

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[00:00:00] Fawn: What would you love? What would you love? Hi, everybody. Welcome. Welcome back. Welcome to our friendly world. There's a special treat for you today. There's a special treat for you every day, let me just say this phrase that came from our friend, Sharon, who you're going to meet in just a couple minutes.

One of the first things I remember her saying to me was this question that she posed to me and the way she asked it with such caring was "What would you love?" What would you love? Matt? What would you love in life? What would you love? Isn't that a beautiful question to ask yourself, to ask your friends to ask people out there, what would you love?

[00:00:45] Matt: Yeah, absolutely. I totally get it because like, one of the things I hold on to is typically, any action we're either moving from love or from fear. So focusing on the love part is probably going to be

[00:00:57] Fawn: healthier.

And this is perfect because one of the things we're going to get into is how to raise our vibrations . To you can, okay, Matt is rolling his eyes at me, but like, how do we raise our sense of wellbeing? How can we go from a fearful thought to, a blissful thought?

When there's some crap in front of you, how can you switch that situation around? How can we do that? How can we go from fear-based to total bliss? How do you do that? I mean, Specifically, scientifically like technically 1, 2, 3, 4. What are the steps? How do you do that? How do you do that?

How do you raise your vibration? How would you say it? How do you translate? How do you raise your vibration?

[00:01:41] Matt: How do you get elevation? So you can see everything that's around


[00:01:45] Fawn: Today we're going to get into how to have clarity and power in life. What would you love? By the way. I had a great epiphany in the bathroom

Bear with me. Today's show is the inside job. Remember, , last year we had our friend Rachel, on the show, Rachel Chevalier, by the way, kudos and respect, major love to our friend, Rachel Chevallier.

Please go back and listen to what she has to say. The show today is kind of on the same realm, because with Rachel Chevallier, we discussed unseen forces, we, I was afraid to totally get into Rachel's work because I felt like, oh my God, am I going to alienate half of our friends out there?

Because it seems so people call it. Woo. I hate that term, but it seems, um, it seems what's the word for it. It seems not real scientific, but in fact it is very scientific. Like we broke it down. There are scientists, there are papers done on this because what she, her work had to do with unseen forces that are actually inside the earth under your feet in the earth.

She discovers. She researches lay lines that are in the earth. And if these lay lines intersect that creates a vortex and scientists have throughout the last, I don't know, 50, 60 years have been documenting how this affects biology, how this will affect human tissue, how it affects everything.

So things that you can't see, just because you can't see them doesn't mean they don't exist.

So that was unseen forces in a way today, we're going to talk about that, with the inside job and the unseen force today, we're going to talk about Akashic records. We're going to talk about Meridian systems within our bodies that are not just within our bodies. They're actually all around and above and below.

You can call them chakras. And there are actually more than seven or so many different ones, but there's seven main ones. And our friend Sharon, we're going to get explanations from her.

I'm so excited we're going to really get into it. But before we do the epiphany that I had, I don't know if I should say it now. I don't know if it'll make any sense. So I was in the bathroom, the past few weeks, as you all know, have been really challenging for us. So we, we sought out therapists to talk to for the girls, for me, like there has been so much stress in the past with us that I think that it just finally came to a head.

And so in reaching out to therapists to talk to, you know, me guys, like if I go to the doctor at the same time, I'm making an appointment with an acupuncturist, to undo what the regular doctor did in a way, because like, they give you a medicine, you know, thank you. They're very helpful in some ways, but like, For example, if they give me antibiotics, then I'm screwed up in other ways.

So then I'd go to the acupuncturist to clear that up the effects of the, whatever, the drugs that I had to take, whatever medicine I had to take, you know what I mean? Yeah.

[00:04:59] Matt: Absolutely. Antibiotics tend to have a nasty habit of killing off your stomach bacteria,

[00:05:03] Fawn: and it's not just antibiotic. So two of us in the family had a session with Sharon and what happened to me after that was, uh, I don't know how to describe it, but I turned into one of those little animals from the eighties or nineties that if you gave them water, they went crazy.

Gremlin gremlins. I turn into a gremlin like an evil gremlin because I had the most beautiful session with Sharon. All right. As she was talking to me, I was completely understanding on like everything she was telling me. It felt so good and true and clear, then all of a sudden, so I go to sleep, have great sleep.

The next morning I became this evil gremlin. Like I, I was so angry. I had so much rage and, you know, lately we've been making, baguettes; homemade baguettes. I was just stuffing my face with bread. Like it was the only thing that was calming me down. I was just eating bread, rage and bread and cleaning the bathroom.

All right. So while I'm in the bathroom, I have this epiphany because Sharon was so kind, she's like, if you have any questions, you can reach me. And if you want to talk, I'm here. We can talk again. And I just had rage and Sharon is so intuitive that she, she texted me one day. She's like:

am I picking up anger from you? She's she sensed that I was angry. I'm like, yeah. But the, the epiphany that I had was that I, one of the things I was angry about was, so years ago, 25 years ago, I studied with this amazing teacher, I studied Akashic records. I was studying to become a spiritual response therapist.

And so the whole idea we're going to get into today regarding Akashic records, we'll explain what that is in just a second. But because I was studying because I was, working with this amazing master who was, who had all this information while we were doing that, we were getting cleared ourselves.

So we were getting therapy in the, in the way that our records were cleared. Our spiritual records, Akashic Akashic records are basically like, there are different ways to describe them.

It could be seen as a huge library where every thing that exists in all the universes has history and there's a record, and you can look it up and you can see what the history of that thing is. Okay. Does that make sense or in terms for you Matt, to describe it is you can think of it as a computer and there are these programs,

and you can erase programs, but then there are backup disks or backup drives. A program is, for example, like we had one of the examples that we would use in class all the time was someone is allergic to cats. Why is that? And why some people, all of a sudden develop allergies out of the blue for no reason.

All of a sudden at age 27, they become allergic to shellfish. It's interesting. Right? So in the training that I got we go into that and we figure out where is this stemming from? And usually the first program that comes up is usually the one that has the highest charge on it. And so you ask you, you go through that program, you see it, and you ask for it to be erased.

And when you do that, it shows up in your physical body. So therefore once that program is cleared, chances are, you're not going to be allergic anymore . Does that make sense? And so I'd one of the simple examples we had was people that are allergic to cats. I remember we, we were researching it.

And so this is what happened to me. We're researching this man that was allergic to cats and all of a sudden, a whole bunch of us in class saw -that it was a brief split second image of this man was walking in the jungle and behind him in the tree was a Panther. And that was it. And so my teacher would say, okay, what did you, what'd you get any vision?

Any feeling, so I said, I saw a Panther in the tree behind him. I don't, I don't know what that means. So then you would ask, okay, did this result in hurt or harm in any way? And then we would get a working signal for, yes. Okay. Did this result in death? Yes. How many times did this happen? Like how many lifetimes?

Right. I know this sounds really bizarre to some people please just bear with us. Okay. Treat it just like as a fairy tale. Okay. Just bear with me, just go with me. And so once you see that this has happened over and over and over again, and you ask more questions and another question is, Was there a program that was set up?

Yes, it was set up by the soul, the spirit, the spirit of this person that, okay. I will never be hurt by a cat again because my body will sense it before I see the cat. So your body is now sensitive to being in the proximity of the cat. So therefore you get allergies, it's like a warning system. And so that's a program of benefit.

And so you, what you do is you go onto the Akashic records and you burn that up. You get rid of it, you delete it. Then you put another program in that says there's no program, there's a program that you will never be hurt or harmed by a cat ever again. All right. And then you insert that program in. You understand what I'm saying?

So there's no point of conflict. There's no, none of that drama, no soap, opera, none of that. Okay. Just clear. So, I had many clearings done and this was years ago, guys, and I don't want to say how old I am, but this was years ago. So when I had my reading, my session was Sharon.

I was so disappointed because not, not in Sharon, by the way, I was disappointed in myself because I was like, how could this be? How could I have all these blocks? And how can I have all this trouble in my life right now? Because I thought all that was cleared. I'm in the bathroom. I'm looking at the toothbrushes. I'm looking at all the things that I was scrubbing in the bathroom.

And I thought, oh my God, of course, because Sharon kept telling me, look at all these things that you've been through. And have you actually been working with Robert? Well, Robert passed away a few years ago and no. And the things that I've been clearing have not been specifically the things I have been having trouble with.

And I thought, oh my God, that's like saying I brushed my teeth twenty-five years ago, I took a bath 25 years ago. Why am I dirty? Like, why am I having problems? So that was my epiphany in the bathroom. And that was why I had, I had so much rage was because I didn't know why. And then I realized, of course; how can you expect to go through life and go through all the random stuff that you go through,

(not so random) and meet all the people that you meet; some of them are not the best for you. Some of them caused some damage. Sometimes you trip and you fall on your skin, your knee things happen and you need to clean up your life and your emotions as you go. And this is where our friend Sharon comes in.

This brings me to your new friend and her name is perfect because she has share in her name, like sharing, and she's also the most caring person I've ever met.

Sharon,Caren. Caren with a C a R E and a little N. You can find her at Trust me, you want to talk with her on your own; long-winded very long-winded introduction, everyone, please meet your new beautiful friend.

That's here for you, Sharon Caren. Welcome Sharon. Hi.

[00:13:21] Sharon: Hello. Hello. I'm so happy and grateful to be with both of you today. This is so


[00:13:26] Fawn: Where should we start?

[00:13:28] Sharon: Well, I would like to say everything is energy.

'cause you get, you gave us such a great explanation about what you went through and you are so amazing and you're right on track because I could feel the energy of what you were going through. And it's almost like, well, I cleared that. How come it's still we, and then we get mad at ourselves and we do all of this stuff, which doesn't give us a lot of energy.

[00:13:59] Fawn: Sharon, what happened was not only was I feeling rage, but like, I felt like I was when you showed me everything that I was dealing with, without me having to even tell you, and I believe you used the term, I did all this in life. Like I still succeeded. I've done so much with both hands tied behind my back, both hands tied behind my back.

When you said that it released all this stuff in me. When you have a friend that notices something that you've been going through without you saying it, because when you're in the midst of it, you don't realize it. But when you have a friend such as yourself saying, look what you've done with both hands behind your back.

Tied behind your back. And you are the type of friend that can say, well, let me just untie it for you. Here you go. When that happened, I felt myself raging and screaming to all the universes, like screaming to like from here to outer space, to like other planets and a scream of anguish. And I think that's what you picked up on when you said, are you angry?


[00:15:13] Sharon: I did. I wanted to just come over there and give you a big hug. Like when I started to say everything is energy and, and that's really the good news, the good news is, is when we have all the energy that we would love, and that is going to be healthy and happy for the life that we love living, we're in a different place.

And that's a different level. And so everything is energy. Everything's connected. Everything comes from the unified field in the other dimension. It's quantum physics, it's the sticky thoughts, substance. Everything comes from there. Something has to come from somewhere, nothing sparks from no energy.

It all comes from somewhere. So where does it come from? And that's where my work is in any Akashic field and with the Akashic records, which by the way, are past present and future everything's happening, all together

[00:16:19] Fawn: because everything is connected and everything in between, right? There are so many dimensions in between all those.

[00:16:26] Sharon: Totally. The beauty of it is, is when we have these times, these timeouts, where we just have to just scream or yell or do whatever we have to do, that's the good news. Cause we're letting all that stuff go like you're in the bathroom, perfect place. Just flush it, you know, just let it out and let it go.

And then when we come back to this place and go, okay, now what would I love? And when I say that word, like on the map of consciousness, David R. Hawkins, I don't know.

[00:17:03] Fawn: Can you please explain the map of consciousness to us?

[00:17:08] Sharon: Yes. When I found this Akashic work, this was part of it, David R. Hawkins and the map of consciousness because we know about energy and people know, everybody says energy, energy, energy, but we can't see it or touch it or smell it. However we know that it's there and it's most important that we have enough energy to maintain our physical body with ease. So one of my first documents that I got along with the Akashic I teach people how to read the Akashic records, training certification.

But David R. Hawkins, he was a scientist and a doctor. And he's the only one that I know of. I'm not saying he's the only one. He's the only one that I know of that actually attained enlightenment that came from science purely. He was an atheist. If you want to look on YouTube, read any of his books, "Power Versus Force" is the one that the map of consciousness came out of. I share that map with everyone because how do we describe frequency or energy to someone? Well, on the map, it has the levels and it has the words.


[00:18:26] Fawn: what's the lowest level of energy.

[00:18:29] Sharon: I believe it's like 20 or something,

[00:18:33] Fawn: but is it like fear or hate,

[00:18:35] Sharon: Basically the line is at 200. We want to be at 200 or above. And that's kind of curiosity. That's just kind of open to the possibilities, but anything, 199 and below is basically no energy is coming in to our physical body from the etheric body and the chakra systems. So when I'm talking about energy, it means either our physical body is going to be living with ease or not, depending on the scale at the map of consciousness, right? Looks like you have a


[00:19:17] Matt: So bellow 200, which of course is just an arbitrary number. As far as I'm concerned, it's like apathy,

[00:19:23] Fawn: Sharon, is this the same thing as like a long time ago, people are we're measuring music and they found that for example, the Beatles were operating on a very high frequency.

Whereas the rolling stones were actually , low vibration. And it was probably because the Beatles, spoke about love and it was, everything was attuned to love. Whereas maybe theRolling Stones who had to do with more base level, like earthly, like

sex or pure sex,

[00:19:58] Sharon: we can go there. Well, that's why I always say,

[00:20:02] Fawn: well, if there's anything wrong with sex, I'm sorry. Nothing wrong with sex.

[00:20:06] Sharon: No. And that is it's human. It's how we procreate. It's so important for the physical body. It's part of that frequency. And it also means, how are people working with it?

And that all comes from the mental body, which doesn't mean it's in love or anything else. It can be whatever. So that all makes a big difference for sure.

[00:20:38] Matt: Just under 200. Is that apathy? Is that just,

[00:20:42] Sharon: There's a lot of different levels.

[00:20:45] Fawn: So enlightenment is 700 to a thousand so

[00:20:49] Matt: basically I, it looks like it goes from bestest to worstest and there's assigned arbitrary numbers and then just the feelings or the emotions that get tied to it. So if you're living in a world of pride, anger, desire, fear, grief, apathy, guilt, and shame, those kind of negative, aren't they? And then the

[00:21:10] Fawn: emotion.

Yeah. So the, if you're feeling humiliation, that's like the lowest. Shame

[00:21:19] Sharon: and power. The reason it says power versus force, in David R. Hawkins book, that was the name of the book. Power energy is flowing energy. Force energy is push energy. That's why everything 199 and below there's little to no energy that's coming into our chakras. It's going to keep our physical body living with ease. So we want to be 200 or above. Now. There's a couple of different ways of using the numbers. There can be the level that our soul is at. Like what I do in the Akashic readings. We can get a reading for where our soul is actually in the non-physical from the records.

What number that is, and we're human beings and we're human, becomings becoming the best version of ourselves. So we're going to sometimes fluctuate. It's not static. However, it's a barometer, it's a way for us to track energy because how do we know where we are when we don't understand energy, or we don't know how to work with it.

David R. Hawkins in his foundation, after 20 years working with people because he was a psychologist. And so working with people, he actually came up with this. This was years and years and years of research working with all the different people.

Cause he wanted to know why some people have this and why some people had that. And some people didn't. And, and so that's how him and his foundation came up with this map of consciousness, which we want to be at 200 or above because then energy is coming in our etheric body, through our chakras and into our physical body's nervous system.

These are the first two bodies, the etheric body chakras in the other dimension. We always have one foot in the other dimension. And then. This is where the chakras live. So if we're down under 199 in pride, anger, desire, fear, grief, guilt, shame, all of that. There's little to no energy that's coming into the chakras at all.

[00:23:46] Fawn: So in a way it's like I'm starving. You're not getting nutrients. You're not getting vital nutrients for your spirit, much like you wouldn't get nutrients for your body to live fruitfully.

[00:23:59] Matt: Well, I, and it also comes into, getting away from foot in the other realm and all the rest of it. We always want to, we always believe we're we act in the moral; with a sense of moral rightness.

And when you're in all these negative emotions, like pride and stuff, you're, you're not there. And so you're inherently like in the back of your head, you're kind of, you're kind of spinning, gone, wait a second. Something, something doesn't feel right. Something doesn't smell. Right. And, and that's just, that's just something that's just continually just bugging you in the back of your head.

You want to be, and you want to be in love. You want to feel trust. You want to feel empowered, or, if you're one of those few blessed people, you want to feel true enlightenment and like a lasting enlightenment, as opposed to one of those aha moments that occur, which feels so good, don't they?

[00:24:47] Fawn: But here's the thing though, when you're experiencing fear and rage and all that stuff, that's on the bottom scale, it's kind of addictive, isn't it? Like you, you can't even get to the point of saying, I want to get out of here. I want to, I want to go to a higher place. You were just so angry that it's addictive and you just.

Becoming this, like, it's like a snowball effect,

[00:25:10] Matt: right? I think it can be addictive, but only because it's protecting you from maybe your environment.

[00:25:17] Fawn: Well, how do you get your Sharon? How do you get yourself out of that? I know you do. You know what I mean? When you're in a ball of rage and you can't, if you don't have a friend to say, yo, what, you know what I mean?

How do you, how do you get out of that Sharon?

[00:25:34] Sharon: Well, the reason that we use the map is so we can tell. So anything, you know, why I always ask people, what would you love? And I always ask myself, do you see where love is on the map? It's at 500. That and 200 is is bottomed to where we want to be.

And 500 is the love energy. We can do this! You can shift it on a dime just by doing this. So if you feel, okay, you're down, you're having fear, anxiety whatever's happening, COVID, everybody's going crazy. And then you notice. And so the first tool is (that I love to share) is notice what you're noticing, because as soon as you notice that you're down there, what do you do?

What would I love? What would I love? What would I love? Whenever I say that, I dunno if I get up to a 500, but I am just open to the infinite possibilities of the universe.

[00:26:40] Fawn: Sharon, is this the same as when Matt and I get into a fight? We're in a screaming match and then one of us will yell out.

Love is winning.

[00:26:49] Sharon: Yes. Very similar because it takes you from the depths. The power, energy is love energy. It's up high. The force energy is push energy and it's very low frequency.

[00:27:07] Fawn: This is like martial arts, for sure. Isn't it, Matt? I was

[00:27:10] Matt: just, I was just thinking, I mean, to me, the key is, is, if I'm caught in a, in an anger spiral where I was in high school, It's addicting, but B it's also almost self referential, but then you run into someone who is operating, you know, moving from love as opposed to moving from fear.

And all of a sudden it can take you out of that emotional context, but let's not forget in the world of emotion versus logic, because what you're talking about is trying to remove somebody from something they're emotionally connected to logically, that's a very, very tough battle. And usually emotion always wins.

So it's a tricky thing,

[00:27:49] Fawn: but Sharon, isn't it like if I want to beat someone up, if I want to beat them up really bad, right. And I'm using force, I'm losing my energy. Right. I get tired. I could get hurt. They could get hurt. It's destruction all the way around.

[00:28:04] Sharon: Why are some P many people sick right now? Why?

Because they don't understand about the energy because when we're down. Anger, fear, grief, all of that. Everybody's afraid of that. You know, what's going on in our world right now. Fear just takes you out. That's why people are dying. I mean, people are going to die anyway, as we're all going to, we come in and we go out whenever we, we choose seriously, we come in and we go out and we get to choose that.

But in between, what would you love? What is it? It's actually repatterning reprogramming the subconscious mind because everything that we've learned since we were born to today from anything we've heard anything, the whole mess, there's no filters in the subconscious mind. 94% of our life that we're living it without consciousness is coming from the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is part of the reptilian brain. And it's part of the mental body, which by the way, is body number four, we kind of bypassed body number three, which finding number three is emotion. But the emotional body is more helpful than the mental body in what we're talking about right now, because the emotional body is you can turn it on a dime.

Like you can be down here in the depths of grief and go, what would I love? What would I love? What would I love the barometer? And then we can get back up to love.

[00:29:48] Fawn: Can you briefly go over what the four bodies are Sharon, please?

[00:29:52] Sharon: Yes. First body. And this is order of importance .

First body is the etheric body. That's the one that lives in the other dimension, that one foot in the other dimension, that's where the shoppers live and that's where the energy comes in. So when we're here in a physical body, we have to understand the laws of the universe in order to be healthy and in order to get on top of whatever the paradigms and the subconscious mind.

So we have the therapy body with the chakras when we're 200 and above energy's coming into the seven chakras below little to no energies coming in at all. Second bodies, our physical body and that's where the nervous system, then our energy from our third body connects with the nervous system in our physical body.

That's what gives us life in the physical body. We have to have energy coming from the shoppers that transfers into our body's electrical, nervous system. Then the third body is the emotional body. That's our barometer. So the emotional body is saying, what would I love? What would I love? What would I love?

Or if I feel contractive, oh, yikes. You know, I'm scared to death that I can't help myself no energy. And that's why we want to notice. . . BOOM What would I love? Just change that we can all say whatever, you know, whatever gives you more life. You don't have to say what I say, but that love when I say love energy,

that's what just really opens me up. So I can't even think of the other things. And that's what we want to do. We can turn it on a dime. And then the fourth body is the mental body. Now the mental body is very purposeful. The mental body is what keeps our physical body alive. However, the mental body is only trying to keep us alive.

The mental health. Doesn't give us love joy, happiness, a life we would love living. The mental body doesn't do any of that. The mental body goes, you better be careful. You better not do that. Don't jump out of the plane with the parachute because you're going to die. Don't do that. And that's all the fear and all that stuff that comes up because , the mental body is trying to keep us alive, but it's not going to give us more life.

And also the subconscious mind goes along with that, 94% of the subconscious mind is what's running our lives. So basically what we learned when we were five is what's running this body unless we stop it. Unless we understand that we actually have choices,

[00:32:43] Fawn: I'm tripping out. I'm like, oh my God.

As a mother I'm like number four, don't do that. Be careful.

[00:32:51] Sharon: Yeah. Don't yeah. We don't want to say those things. It puts fear, anxiety and everything else into everybody's minds. So we stand guard at the portal of our thoughts. We stand guard at the portal of our thoughts because we are creators.

We have come into this physical life to create in the physical, because we're just pure energy in the other dimension. But when we come into this life, we can create anything we can think of. That's the imagination, the creative visualization, all the successful people, how do they create that? That's how; by changing their thoughts.

What would I love? We came in with the infinite possibilities. We can do say have whatever we would love. We can decide the whole thing and we have help from the universe because the universe listens to our thoughts and our words. So if we're down here going, oh, you know, I, I, I I'm, I'm grieving, you know, I'm angry.

Well, we're going to get more of that because whatever we think about, and whatever we say is what we're going to get.

[00:34:13] Matt: What we

focus on, grows

[00:34:15] Fawn: Sharon is that why you told me, go ahead and eat some ice cream after our session, you said, whatever will make you feel better. You need to rest. You need to take care of your physical body first because your physical body takes a while to catch up to your etheric body.

So right now, why don't you go do whatever makes you feel good. If it's ice cream, go have some ice cream. I had ice cream. I had like 15 loaves of bread. I feel better. I do feel better and thinner.

[00:34:47] Sharon: We, we just need to listen. We need to listen with our still small voice that are still small voices, our connection with the infinite that's our soul connection.

And so we come in in a physical body and then what happens is we get it backwards. Because it's the focus. The only thing that matters is it's an inside job. It doesn't happen out here. It happens from here with our connection to all that is. That's why grounding is so important. When we breathe ground and remember, you know, in the earth, has us, Gaia the mother earth, you know, Archangel Arielle on the first chakra is holding us.

We can't float away. We've got gravity. When we're breathing the sacred breath in, going down into our feet, we're safe. And that's where remember we're safe

[00:35:46] Matt: and takes us out of an emotional kind of context, in my mind, at least. And you know, it takes us out of our head and into our center as we would do in a martial arts like Aikido.

And in many ways, it's like, you're starting to now win the, logic versus emotion argument, because emotion is almost like you're able to logically hear. You're able to logically feel from my point of view.

[00:36:14] Sharon: And I believe it's important that the mental body isn't in the driver's seat. When I said the four bodies the etheric, physical, emotional, and mental, it's in order of importance. Were a soul first. We didn't come from nowhere. We didn't make our bodies. We don't even breathe ourselves. Who does that?

Where does that come from? We know there's a higher order. There's a higher power. Otherwise we wouldn't even be here in a physical body.

[00:36:46] Fawn: I mean, you learn that in martial arts too. We're not being religious here. Even, if you don't believe that there's a higher force out there, we're not talking about religion here at all, but you definitely experience what we're talking about

if you do something like martial arts. We had to feel each other's connections and see and feel with our eyes closed blindfolded where the next movement was coming from, where the person was, where their arms were. W you know, you could see without seeing you could feel it, which leads me to, like, you brought up the word connection.

And I want Matt to talk because every time we get off the show, he's like, well, I had all these things I wanted to talk about. And I keep looking at him like, why don't you bring them up? But since you're not jumping in, Matt, I'm going to jump in. I want to talk about connection. I want your take Sharon on what's going on on the planet.

Why do you think, there is such a disconnect and there is such polarity and it's coming in the form of so many different things from politics to families being completely divisive and separated.

[00:37:51] Sharon: I understand what you're saying. And the more you say those things, the lower the energy is, and the more lonely you're going to be. I it's so simple. No one believes it. That it is as simple as saying, I'm not going to be down here and the, this, and all of that stuff that you talked about, honey, that was all outside of you.

We have to care for ourselves first; love ourselves first. We can't love another person if we don't have it in our heart. If we're disconnected and we don't have whatever that is, we think we're giving to everybody else. I've got another, you know, another idea for you. It doesn't happen that way. It is an inside job.

That means you can't focus out here. We have to keep bringing it back and bringing it back. Everything that we're learning is to come back to the inside of ourselves because we have all the answers. We came in with them at birth. We came in with everything that we needed to have everything that we would love, only we forgot.

And so the forgetting is looking out here, the remembering is like, oh yes, I am that I am, we have, and this is universal spirituality. This is not religion that we're talking about. This is so important.

This is science. It's quantum physics. It's not woo woo. It has nothing to do with that. However, it is the order of things. And that's why when I do a reading for somebody, I like to say, now you can maybe understand a little bit of the rest of the story because we've got it flipped backwards, because we're just so looking outside of ourselves, that we're all of our power is diminished.

Our life force is diminished.

[00:39:56] Fawn: I feel like I've done messed up with my words, but, and I'm afraid to ask the next question or like to have, you know, to have like a reply to that, which is okay.

We feel dandy over here. However, see, now we're afraid to say anything, but the country seems like it's falling apart because nobody's friends everybody's.

[00:40:19] Sharon: But if you're looking you're whatever you're looking for, honey, you're going to find

[00:40:24] Matt: it. I'm looking for heaven or hell, you'll find it

[00:40:29] Fawn: guys, but realistically out there people are fighting.

So am I supposed to turn a blind eye to that and go, there is no injustice happening. am I supposed to turn a blind eye to that?

[00:40:45] Matt: Certainly, certainly no. Keep a realistic eye and appraisal on it, but don't live

there. What if, okay, don't live

[00:40:55] Sharon: there. If you pitch a tent there, you're not going to have energy coming into your chakras. How are you going to stay alive and help your daughters grow


[00:41:07] Fawn: I understand that, but I feel like, uh, well now I have, I'm afraid to say anything because

[00:41:20] Matt: case in point over the course of the past couple of weeks, they've determined that Facebook loves generating incendiary content. They just do because it's more click baity. It sticks people there, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

So when's the last time I was on Facebook. It's been months.

[00:41:38] Fawn: Not even months, you haven't been there for years. Well,

[00:41:41] Matt: every six to eight months, I'll go ahead and log in because I'll just do that. But you know, it's like, I always talk about, things you want in your circle. I want to keep things out of my circle too.

And so one of the things I want to keep trying to keep out of my circle are going to be things that don't make me feel good. And ultimately, you know, a Twinkie may make me feel good for a minute, but you know, maybe a salad is going to make me feel better long-term or, or, you know, being on the bike for an hour, it's going to make me feel much better.

It's just, it's about where you want to live. And you know, not nobody says that you're going to be always operating in this. You're going to be like, you know, JC who always did everything perfectly, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Of course, you're going to do, you're going to have a Twinkie now. And again, I don't live

[00:42:31] Fawn: there, guys.

I'm not living there, but I'm also trying to help out the world. help out the world Okay. help out the world There are people fighting. There is fighting happening and I have a theory now I can't even bring that up because I mean, what am I supposed to do, Sharon? Am I supposed to be

[00:42:50] Matt: quiet? If you bring the pink box full of pastries into

[00:42:54] Fawn: Congress, Sharon doesn't know what I'm talking about.

We're talking about Sharon. So Sharon, the pink box theory is what I came up with years ago. My theory is if anyone shows up to a room of fighting people with a pretty pink box, everything stops no matter what culture you're in, because, and this is good.

This is not a sexual connotation. It's, it's a pastry box and pastry boxes look the same around the world that, so I said, you know, if you're at the United nations and all the leaders are in this room fighting, but if someone walks in with a big pink box, everyone stops and smiles because they know it's pastries, you know?


[00:43:32] Matt: and so basically what you're doing is you're doing an Aikido. You're doing an,atemi, you are cutting everybody's ki and your redirecting.

[00:43:40] Sharon: Redirection quick. I got that. And you know what, honey? So let that pink box be your heart and soul. You cannot, you cannot take care of the world.

You're not here to watch everybody on earth only you. It's an inside job. We're here to do number one. That's taking care of ourselves. So what you've done with that pink box is it's like displaying your heart. Now, when you live it inside of you, you don't even have to carry the box. You are the box, you are the one. The three of us here together? What's three times 90,000,

[00:44:24] Matt: 270,000.

[00:44:25] Sharon: How much?

[00:44:26] Matt: 270,000.

[00:44:27] Sharon: Okay. When each one of us, the reason I'm making a point here is each one of us. When we're vibrating at a 300 or above each one of us, Lightworkers vibrating at 300 or above uplifts, 90,000 people on the planet.

The three of us here today, together 270,000 people. We are uplifting when we are above the 200. Well, we would get to the 300 line. That means we can't spend a lot of time down in the blue part because we're not going to be helping people. If we do that. See, it's an inside job. All right. Only way that it's gonna work.

Alright. Okay. I get it my way. It's a universal law. Yeah. People,

[00:45:18] Matt: people say humor is infectious and which is moving us up the scale as well as just being able to look at those people who are doing good in the world. When you hear about stuff like that, it makes you feel better. It just does. It's like, you know, it doesn't matter who they're helping or how they're helping, and if they're not helping you, it still makes you feel

[00:45:41] Fawn: okay.

So this is, repatterning the subconscious mind in real time, as we're speaking. I feel like I got that bamboo stick on my head by Sharon. Okay.

Getting into the chakra system. By the way, Sharon has some gifts for you. If you go to her website, you get free downloads to everything we're talking about. One of them is the chakra guide, and I like your particular wording of each different chakra, Sharon,

You were talking about each different chakra and in a way, I started to. Reflect on what others were saying like, oh, this person is operating from the first chakra;

They're stuck in the first chakra, the root chakra, that they're not able to walk well in the world that they're stuck at this bottom level. Oh, too bad for you. You're stuck there. I read what you were saying about it, it's really interesting because you talked about foundations.

I took some notes here. So the seven chakras, the seven Meridian points in our bodies; each one is associated with a color and it's really the rainbow. So it's ROYGBIV. The first one is red and that's the root chakra. It's the base of your spine.

It has to do with your roots, your history survival it's about the material world. When you activate that you feel connected to the earth. So like we were talking about grounding, you feel safe, you feel like you're in control.

The second one is a little higher. It's in your hips. It's orange, that's the sacral chakra. And it's below the navel. It's in the hips. This is the center where emotions live, desires, pleasures. When activated, you feel alive, desired and are enjoying everything. You are in touch with your emotions and you're trusting toward others.

A little bit higher you have the yellow, which is the belly, the solar plexus, that's where your source of power lives. When this is activated, you respect yourself and others, you feel outgoing, happy, relaxed, yet energized.

You go up a little higher. It's the green color. This is where the heart is. Here you are balanced, compassionate. It's the center of your being when activated, you feel friendly, outgoing, and connected, connected easily with yourself and others. You practice unconditional love, empathy, and you nurture your relationships.

A little bit higher is the throat, which is blue . This is all about self-expression your voice. When it's in balance, you feel empowered to speak your truth and communicate with others.

One higher some people say it's the third eye. And some people say it's in the center of your skull, they call it the meditation sanctuary, as we've talked about in previous shows. This is the indigo color, and this is where inner vision is; insight, imagination, the clarity of thoughts. When this is activated, you feel focused and steady. You may feel you're seeing from higher perspectives, beyond the ego, worries or fears.

And then of the seven chakra system. Then you have the crown, which is a violet color. This is at the top of your head. And when this is activated, you've found your soul's purpose. You feel enlightened knowing that we are all connected and everything is love. There is no limit to bliss and complete control of your mind. So these are notes I took from Sharon.

If you go to Sharon,, you'll get a download of this. So my theory was, see, now I'm afraid to speak. Okay. I don't know how to pose this and I'm sure you'll whack me over the head, but I'm just going to say it anyway. So do you think society, perhaps when it's not in balance it's because the roots, sacral and solar plexus, the first three chakras are off balance because they're not able to reach the heart area.

They're not able to have compassion. They're not balanced. So is something going on with a base, which is, the material world,

[00:50:07] Sharon: you know, I think it's very personal for each and each and every one, because we were all, even though we're all connected and we're all energy and we're all the same, we're each unique beings.

In other words, when our soul sparked we're each unique and we're all one, so individually there could be so many different ways that this plays out.

And when we're in that place, then we can do, then we can help more people on a larger scale. That going back to your question, honey, it's a really good question. And I can tell you that I work with a lot of people who are not in their body and we ha we came here to experience a physical body. That's the reason we came and we cannot maintain a physical body if we're not in it.

I am so happy and grateful because I can help people with that. Now I know lots of people that have just the opposite, they are totally physical and there's nothing else. So it's very individual. And, and I think if we're looking for something, we're probably going to find it, you know, if like, if you can help people with, you know, whatever you can help people with and, and, you know, then that's what we do with each other is we really help each other out in that way.

But I've gotten to be a master at really listening to people and seeing how, what they say is usually a dead giveaway to where they live. I mean, you know, those people that know. There's those people that there's, as a matter what you say, they know everything, they know it all. That's somebody living in the, in the mental body.

And the thing is, is the mental body. We don't know it. We know of it. We may know certain things, but we don't know. We can't know everything we know of it until we, until we understand it, learn it, digest it and live from that powerful, powerful place inside of ourselves. That's the only time we know it.

And that's what we get it in our body. And we're living from that place.

[00:52:43] Fawn: Matt would say, you,

[00:52:50] Matt: it to me personally, maybe I'm just a very basic kind of a person, but it there's a lot of quantification of feelings happening here and emotions in my mind, at least happening here, which probably puts me in a different body or whatever. But to me, it's like, do good. You'll feel

[00:53:10] Fawn: good. You guys good for you?

I'm still thinking about what the hell happened to this country. What the hell is going on in the world? I be

[00:53:20] Matt: the change you want to see? I'll start, I'll start off. I'll start quoting some random stuff on you. No,

[00:53:27] Fawn: see, now you're starting to anger. Find me I'm slipping and going to the depths sharing, going to anger

[00:53:38] Sharon: and mean just answer, answer me this one thing.

If you could have anything that you would love.

What would that be easy answer?

[00:53:55] Fawn: Well, I, I want, I want to have a big, beautiful family and, and I'm talking about humanity. I'm talking about humanity. I want my children to have beautiful friends. I want to be surrounded by beautiful friends. I, I wouldn't love to go to the store and feel safe. And I would love to go without boundaries, roaming the earth and eating

[00:54:22] Sharon: delicious.

And you know how you do that every day in every way, you're getting better and better. And you write down the vision of what you would absolutely love and you read it every single day.

[00:54:34] Fawn: I also would love for my fellow man to love each other. Sorry, I'm going to the depths again, but I don't want them to stop.

I want them to stop killing each other and being mean, what is,

[00:54:46] Matt: what is, what is the mind tell us about no mind. Doesn't understand. No, the mind doesn't all of a sudden now you're like, I want anger and hatred. And is really, even though you're saying I don't want it, you put the no word on it, but your brain doesn't understand.

[00:55:01] Fawn: Well, can I say, I want everyone to calm down. That's much

[00:55:05] Matt: better. Isn't

[00:55:05] Sharon: it? Well, the thing is, you're the only one that can do anything for yourself. You cannot do anything for, we all have free choice and free will honey, where we come in to this earth, everyone has free choice and free will. That's why some people don't even stand in the light of creator.

Everybody gets to choose wherever they want to be. You can't tell somebody else what did you, honey? It's not your job. It's not our job. Our job is only ourself

[00:55:39] Fawn: okay, well, why don't you guys close the show? I don't know what to say um,

[00:55:46] Sharon: think about it. If it doesn't work for you, honey, you don't have to

[00:55:48] Fawn: do this is something I obviously I think about, I've always thought about it, but at the same time, I also want to help. If I see a mess, I want to clean it.


[00:55:58] Matt: just going to steal from Sharon steal from Sharon, breathe ground. And remember breathing takes us out of our emotional context and back into a world that may be logic and emotion can start to like really kind of co-exist as opposed to fighting each other. Grounding is us almost, you know, is us just feeling some strength and then remembering,

we remind ourselves where we want

to go.

[00:56:29] Fawn: All right. So we have thousands that are we could end right there. All right, hold on a second. Now. See you scared me. And I was going to say something nice. Stop it. Um, what I was seeing, I forgot what I was gonna say, what I was gonna say was there a thousands of us on this podcast?

And so we are holding a friendship bond, a loving bond together. We are doing it. There are thousands of us on our friendly world in our friendly world. And we'll just continue in that. We will, we will just hold what we love. And with that.

Thank you all for listening. And we love you so much. All right, everybody calm down. Everybody's calm. I'm calm. I'm calm. All right, thank you.

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